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Hobos came to confess

Anonymous asked: I'm kinda scared, happy, excited, sad, and proud just thinking about Cimorelli's future.

Anonymous asked: I think that Lisa and Lauren get the most attention because, they're pretty. What those people don't realize is that there are 6 SISTERS. NOT 2. And honestly, I think Dani and Amy have the best low notes, Lisa and Lauren have the best high notes and Christina and Katherine are the best at middle range notes.

♫ Ral' ♛ ♫: My Cimorelli Rant :)


Hey guys.

I’d like to start my “rant” by thanking Cimorelli for everything they do for us, and for the great, sweet music they make, that sweet music that makes your heart melt.

Now, let’s start talking business… First of all, I’m sick of those people who try to get their attention by faking diseases or threatening to self-harm. Self-harming is no joke. People who are always like: “Don’t ignore me. Oh, they hate me. You always ignore me.” they are not doing it on purpose. They probably get 300 tweets/minute, how do you expect them to reply and see every tweet they get? People who try to make them feel guilty by saying the things I previously mentioned, stop doing that, they are people too, they have feelings, and they are not made of steel.

The second part that annoys me is when people find “rare” footage or pictures of the girls. Okay, you found them, keep them for yourself. No need to spread them around. Give the girls some privacy. Let them have it while they can. Once they get really famous they won’t have as much privacy as they have now.

People who say the girls changed. You didn’t even know them before. You can’t get to know someone only by watching some of their videos on youtube or reading some tweets. The fame got to them? Yeah, right. That’s why they spend their time interacting with fans, and they still keep making youtube videos, even though they are so busy working on their album. They make the videos for us; they do whatever they can to help us. If someone needs advice and they can help them they do. So, stop being selfish brats and give them a break.

Cimorelli, you are amazing, and if anyone says you are not doing enough for the CimFam, they are mental. I love you, and thank you for everything.


xx Ral 


Proud of this hahahaha


Proud of this hahahaha

Anonymous asked: happy new year! (: